Build workplace cultures that energize.

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Here's How

Create connections that inspire commitment with CARE.

Great workplace cultures are built on great relationships.

When your team feels supported, they communicate, collaborate, and perform better.

Build a workplace culture people are excited to come back to with CARE: The Neuroscience of Quality Connections.

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The Science

Quality Connections Change Workplaces for the Better


Conventional wisdom says social connections are for after-hours. Science shows performance improves when we have quality connections at work.


Each Other

Feeling disconnected can reduce motivation, limit collaboration, and increase attrition.

Create a culture of support

When employees feel supported at work, they're more likely to help their peers, driving better business outcomes.

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How We Work

How We Partner

Develop better people strategies

Align your priorities, habits, and systems with NLI's unique approach to consulting.

Drive change at scale, fast

Activate habits across your organization with behavior change solutions and pathways.

Power up existing strategies

Accelerate organizational learning with a NLI research and content license.

"People are no longer viewed as a cost center, but as a business imperative."

– Eva Majercsik

(Chief People Officer, Genesys)

Let's transform your organization — together.

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